Customers Share Their Experiences

"Even with lots of miles and lots of elevation, we had a fabulous trek around Mont Blanc. Perhaps due to our 12 Foundation Formula per day. No soreness, no recovery issues-even after strenuous fitness day after day! We felt good, had good energy, hiked strong. We decided to pare back to 6 per day now that we are back home. Thank you for suggesting and getting us started on your whole food product. "
Leslie and Dan C.
Hikers / 64 Years Young / Castle Rock, CO
"I want to express how great the healing power in your Foundation Formula has been for George and me. We have been taking it since May and within a few weeks an ankle that had caused me much discomfort was so improved that I no longer needed to wear a support. I have also noticed my hair to be thicker and lots of shine. I am glad for this as it had been getting thin! Thank you for the wonderful product. "
Betty T.
72 Years Young / Denver, CO
"I’ve been playing Senior Softball for twenty years and have sustained a number of injuries from the competition. That is part of the game as are sore muscles. But sore muscles have not bothered me since I started Foundation Formula. At a recent tournament in Reno we played about six games and I had NO sore muscles. Remember a Senior ball player must play defense and offense, but you also run for yourself and those who can’t run well for themselves. Believe me its a lot of running and you get sore. We played four tournaments this summer and I have not had sore legs at all. After most tournaments in the past I would have trouble getting around for three or four days after I got home. No more thanks to ForeverWell. There is no reason to think about retirement from the game, because I have never felt better. It looks like the product works and I plan to continue taking it. There have been no side effects and I physically feel better, it’s a no brainer."
Jerry R.
71 Years Young / Softball Player / Aurora, CO
"That is all I can say for helping me feel so much better now that I am taking your Foundation Formula. I had no idea I could feel THIS much better. After working in front of a computer for many years I recently took a job with Frontier Airlines. I am approaching 60 and the long days of standing on my feet and lifting bags took its toll. I would be exhausted at day’s end. That all changed after using Foundation Formula. I found I had renewed energy in my step and most importantly I wasn’t sore from a day of lifting heavy bags. After spending a day moving bags especially during the holiday season I would be sore for quite a while. Not anymore! Thank you…thank you….thank you!! When you told me how protein would be absorbed into my aging body like I was 20 years old again, you weren’t kidding. I wish you the very best as you share your story with others. I know I will continue to recommend it to my friends and co-workers. All the best"
Dee T.
58 Years Young / Airline Employee / Aurora, CO
"I teach inline skating techniques and I also speed skated competitively for ten year. Three years ago I stopped training 6 days a week and skated just for recreation. Last month I entered a 26 mile skating marathon to help raise funds for a local park. I told myself that if I made it in two hours I would be ecstatic. My previous best in a skating marathon was one hour and thirty minutes. A friend suggested I use ForeverWell as part of my training to help speed recovery. I took your product for three weeks prior to the race. While I did well in the beginning of the race and even led for a couple laps, once they kicked up the speed I began to hit the wall. I realized my mistake. I had not taken in adequate calories to support me for the entire marathon. I made it to the finish line and I was famished. I forgot to look at the clock at the finish line so I asked the official for my time. I did it in one hour and forty minutes! The best part is I had no pain once I finished and none the next day. Usually when one does not train there is considerable tiredness that evening and muscle aches the next day. I had neither! The only thing I can attribute this “gain, no pain” experience is to the Foundation Formula I took before and after the race. There was no lactic acid build up to give me sore muscles. Thank you ForeverWell! "
Awilda E.
55 Years Young / Inline Skater and Trainer / Sarasota, FL
"I have tried glucosamine and chondroitin to relieve shoulder and hip pain with limited to no results. And I am not happy with having to limit myself from activities and ForeverWell has been a great answer for me. It did take approximately 15 days to start realizing results. I took 12 capsules per day for 3 days and then reduced to 6 per day. I first realized “this stuff must be really working” when I noticed I wasn’t needing to turn over in bed at night due to hip and shoulder aches (better sleeping and better rest). Then I realized, I had no “day after” pain when pushing activities that normally produce joint pain the next day. I can work more and enjoy activities longer. I am very happy with Foundation Formula."
Dan M.
62 Years Young / DeFuniak Springs, FL
"Last year I started training for my first marathon with a goal of just finishing the race. Following long runs on the weekend I could barely get out of the car and I was in a lot of pain just walking. I usually ended up sleeping several hours after the run. The soreness and stiffness didn’t go away until about Wednesday. I did finish my first marathon. Afterwards it was a chore to walk. The longer I sat the more sore I got. This year I started using Foundation Formula. My goal was to do better than last year. The first long run was 10 miles. That was when I first noticed the difference in my training from last year. After my long runs I would have some aches and pains but I was much more mobile. By Monday and aches and pains were gone. I beat my time from last year by 19 minutes and 39 seconds. After the race I walked around a bit, got a shower and was feeling pretty good. My wife commented that I was doing much better than the year before. I was able to go up and down the stairs with minimal pain. Again the aches and pains were gone by Monday. I attribute the quick recovery from the long training runs and the marathon to ForeverWell. I am training for the Denver marathon and I don't even want to think about doing it without Foundation Formula. I wish you continued success!"
Bob M.
60 Years Young / Marathoner / Centennial, CO
"I am pleased and proud to inform you that I competed in and finished the NYC marathon in 5 hours 37 minutes and placed 974th out of 2800 contenders in the 55 year age group. I won a lottery invitation to the marathon but only had 10 weeks to train when typical training would be 24 weeks. I attribute this wonderful accomplishment to two factors: The daily consumption of Foundation Formula and my favorite running guide book. Most important was the influence of ForeverWell in keeping my body healthy as well as the amazing rate of physical recovery. My longest run was 16 miles. Your product enabled me to awake every morning feeling strong with a 24-30 hour recovery rate of muscle soreness and a full supply of physical energy. I am in excellent health and an active road cyclist but training for a marathon in 10 weeks was daunting. One amazing effect of Foundation Formula that I experienced was the lack of lactic acid build up in muscles beyond 10 miles. This enabled me to participate in my first 26.2 mile race with the confidence of having a healthy finish. But what impressed me the most was my post race energy levels. I finished the marathon with an improved per mile time of one minute per mile the last six miles! After finishing the race I walked 24 blocks back to my hotel, took a hot shower, eat some chicken soup and then drove two hours to my home in Philadelphia. The next evening i participated in an hour spinning class at my gym. My peers refused to believe I had run the NYC marathon the day before. My recovery was astounding! Need I say more. Thank you for creating such a special product. "
Nick S.
52 Years Young / Runner & Cyclist / 1st Marathon / Doylestown, PA