Tom Staverosky

The founder and president of ForeverWell

Tom Staverosky is the founder and president of ForeverWell, a health and wellness firm established in 1999 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Through ForeverWell, Tom aims to inspire people to understand the nature of chronic illness and the power within each individual to take ownership of his or her path to optimal health and vitality.

His current work is focused on designing unique nutritional supplements specifically designed to challenge the aging process. He believes that “body ready” whole foods that are easily absorbed and assimilated, particularly protein, are exactly what active seniors and senior athletes need. Tom is convinced that his body ready whole food products will replace many of the individual nutrients that many seniors take in supplement form.

In addition to his work on proper supplementation for seniors, Tom has written and lectured on a wide range of subjects, including migraine prevention,  the function of peptides in healing, the gut brain and its critical role in digestive and neurological health, and the dietary treatment of diabetes. His enthusiasm for his work has made him both a dedicated student and a well-respected expert in the field of natural medicine. 

Tom was graduated from Duke University in 1975, following which he embarked on a career in banking and finance lasting 14 years. An entrepreneurial opportunity guided him to a new career and the discovery of his passion for natural approaches to healing. Believing firmly in the power of joy and gratitude, he takes a peaceful, lighthearted approach to life. Tom is, first and foremost, a teacher.